OpenSim Tibetan Classroom

OpenSimulator is a BSD Licensed Open Source virtual world capable of supporting standalone or grid-structured servers. Dharma Drum Buddhist College is currently running the Diva distribution of OpenSim on an Ubuntu 9.10 server.

The OpenSim Tibetan Classroom is a virtual environment for learning the Tibetan language. Facilities include:

  • TibSlate Realtime Writer
  • Cube of Tibetan Consonants
  • Tibetan Number Puzzle and Grammar Verse
  • The Collected Topics Set Arbiter
  • Wall of WylieWriters
  • Preset WylieWriter Lessons (with and without audio)
  • Tibetan Tutorial Viewscreen

Download the Tibetan Classroom OAR file: If you are running OpenSimulator and would like to have your own copy of the OpenSim Tibetan Classroom, you may download it here.

Students and teachers are also welcome to visit and use the Tibetan Classroom in Second Life: Catocala Region (167, 122, 600).

Helpful links:

Download the Diva distribution.

Consult the OpenSim Wiki.

Read about the OSGrid Open Metaverse.


5 Responses to “OpenSim Tibetan Classroom”

  1. […] OpenSim Tibetan Classroom (slides) […]

  2. […] OpenSim Tibetan Classroom (slides) […]

  3. […] OpenSim Tibetan Classroom (slides) […]

  4. The HG Safari opensim touring group visited the Tibetan sim on Kalasiddhi Grid yesterday. Thank you for this wonderful resource, we enjoyed it very much

  5. Dude, we got a visit. We need to rewrite those articles.

    On Thu, Oct 20, 2016 at 6:02 AM, Wamlabs Mediatronics wrote:


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