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A Tibetan Language Classroom in Second Life

Posted in Second Life with tags on April 12, 2009 by billmagee

I am pleased to announce the opening of the first Tibetan Language Classroom in Second Life.

Tibetan Classroom in Second Life

Tibetan Classroom in Second Life

This digital language-learning platform offers all of the pedagogical advantages of Second Life plus the following Tibetan-specific facilities:

* a programmed object (the Cube of Tibetan Consonants) for learning the Tibetan consonants;

* a programmed object (the Sliding Number Puzzle) for learning the Tibetan numerals;

* a configurable wall (the Wall of Wyliewriters) which parses Wylie Transliteration input into Tibetan;

* 28 pre-programmed lessons for the Wall of Wyliewriters;

* Yang-jen-ga-wa-lo-dro’s “yi ge’i thob thang nyer mkho rab gsal me long” (accessible when the Sliding Number Puzzle is solved);

* a mediatron for playing machinima tutorials;

* 3 machinima tutorials giving detailed explanations on using the facilities (see my web page);

The Tibetan Language Classroom in Second Life can be visited in the Catocala region (172,112,600). Feel free to test-drive the Cube, Puzzle, and Wall. Anyone who would like to conduct classes in the facility or who would like a free copy of the programmed objects should contact Wam7c Macchi in Second Life or email me:

William Magee, Ph.D.
Dharma Drum Buddhist College
Jinshan, Taiwan

Here is a link to the video: Tibetan Classroom in Second Life. Or view it from my web page.